(2011 - 2014)

Principal Information Architect

I was a Principal Information Architect at Zynga, a leading social gaming company. I was responsible for the information architecture and interaction design of Zynga's mobile and web-based game services, including Words With Friends, Zynga.com, and Zynga Live.


(2009 - 2011)

Lead UI Designer

I was the Lead UI Designer at GridNet, a cleantech company pioneering broadband SmartMeters and a SmartGrid network operating system. My main responsibility was the user interface of GridNet's primary software suite PolicyNet, a real-time SmartGrid network management system. In essence, I visualized the data of million node networks to help operators find and fix problems in the network.


(2010 - 2011)


I served as an Advisor to LiveColony, a mobile services company for location-based events. LiveColony developed a mobile app for findng local events called Swerve. As an Advisor I gave verbal and written advise, feedback, and critque. I also provided hands-on design work focusing on the map screens.


(2006 - 2009)

Lead UI Designer

From early 2006 to late 2009 I was the Lead UI Designer at YouTube, the premiere online video sharing service. As the Lead UI Designer, I had the opportunity to work on every design-related component of the YouTube Product Line including: the entire public website (Home, Browse, Watch, Search, Account) and many back-office tools, as well as the early mobile site and third-party mobile applications, the TV and game console applications, and the embeddable gadgets and widgets.



Sr. Interaction Designer

I was a Sr. Interaction Designer at Shutterfly, a leading online photo service. I primarily worked on the Shutterfly Store, as well as the Cart & Checkout Process, and Personal Publisher. My main project was a complete redesign of Shutterfly's e-commerce Product Store. I also improved the overall flow of the Checkout Process and the information presentation of the Checkout Cart. And before leaving Shutterfly for YouTube, I researched and began early design work on an all-new Personal Publisher product.



Sr. Product Designer

I was a Sr. Product Designer for the Merchandising Team at Cafepress, a site for individuals to create and consume digital content pressed onto hard goods. I was responsible for the overall vision, functionality, architecture, design, and usability of the tools used by Cafepress members to create, sell, and merchandise their products. A majority of my time was spent defining, designing, and developing an overhaul of the merchandising tools to allow users to easily and rapidly create entire lines of products in just minutes. Additionally, I designed and prototyped a Flash-based Rich Internet Application for fluidly creating products.



Lead Interaction Designer

I was the Lead Interaction Designer in the Creative Services Group at TechTV, a tech-focused cable Television station. I was responsible for the interaction design and usability engineering of various online products and in-house tools. Most of my time was spent working on a complete from-the-ground-up redesign of the techtv.com web site. I also worked on a number of side projects such as "TechTV Hyperactive", a synchronous TV-online game, as well as an online merchandise fulfillment site. Additionally, I managed the definition and design of a new company-wide content management system.



Lead Interface Designer & Developer

I was the Lead Interface Designer & Developer at NexTag, a comparison shopping search engine site. I was responsible for all aspects of the user interface design of the nextag.com public web site, the merchant management site, and a new online storefront management product. At NexTag I performed roles as both a designer and a developer. I researched, designed, prototyped, and usability tested as a designer. And as a developer I programmed and developed my designs using CSS, HTML, Javascript and a lot of JSP. In my first 6 months at NexTag I was able to make a major impact on the interface of the site which led to a direct increase in revenue.



Interaction Designer

I was a contract Interaction Designer working in the Creative Services Group at Macromedia, a software company for professional designers and developers. I was brought on to help redesign the Macromedia public web site to use and showcase the user interface capabilities of Flash MX. I was directly responsible for the information architecture and interaction design of the Developer Center, the Support Center, the Customer Service area, and the Exchange Upload process.


(1998 - 2001)

Lead Interface Designer & Developer

I was the Lead Interface Designer & Developer for three years at Bigstep, a site for small businesses to build, manage, and grow an online storefront. I was Bigstep's first full-time employee and helped grow the company from 7 people to 175. During the early days of the company, before we had a product, I focused on user research, competitive analysis, contextual inquiry, focus groups, and numerous requirement documents. I then focused on defining, designing, and developing the structure, function, behavior, and interactions of the site. Additionally, at one time during my three years, I managed a team of 4 Information Architects and Designers.