About Form

I consider myself a veteran of the internet (web 1.0 anyone? :) with a focus on tools & services that digitally enhance and advance humanity. Over my career I have created influential interfaces for a number of trailblazing companies including YouTube, Twilio, Zynga, Shutterfly, Adobe, CafePress, and Wired. And early in my career I was the co-founder of the first ever Web-based online community.

I bring a strong mix of entrepreneurial spirit, product passion, human nature, and extensive design experience to any team I work with. I'm passionate about building great customer-focused products and great inclusive teams, and have an affinity for early-stage technology startups with disruptive products and innovative business models.

Outside of the office, I enjoy time with my family and being outdoors, and am passionate about music, science, and personal liberty.

While outdoors, I'm fond of hiking, biking, running, music festivals, and the sheer wonder of nature.

When inside, I regularly listen to music (all styles) and dabble in amature jazz-groove DJing. I enjoy analog games (boards and cards), documentaries, science fiction shows, and have a soft spot for coming of age stories.

And no matter the season or locale, I especially enjoy beverages and smiles :)

You may contact me via email at